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The Cosmic Canvas

Each segment is a unique brushstroke in the broad tapestry of spiritual exploration, personal growth, & learned wisdom. 

Social Platform

You can find me on X posting my content creations, inspired thoughts, detailed articles, & shared insights. 

Sage Sessions

Dive into the depths of knowledge & wisdom with Sage Sessions. My comprehensive offerings which include immersive courses & a dynamic community designed to enlighten, educate, & inspire.

IFAstrology: Unlock the synergies between the ancient wisdom of IFA & the celestial insights of Astrology. This paid course offers a structured pathway to deeper understanding & integration of these powerful spiritual tools.

Astro-Vision 2024: Explore the cosmic currents of 2024 with our free, year-long Astro-Vision series. Navigate the year with confidence as you learn about influential Astrological events & their potential impacts on your personal growth & spiritual journey.

Sage Summit: Join our vibrant community in Sage Summit, where learning & connection flourish. Engage with fellow seekers in discussions, live events, & collaborative exploration of spiritual topics. This thriving community is your gateway to continuous learning & personal evolution.

Welcome to TwitchyTuesdays, where Astrology meets Tarot for a journey of growth & discovery! Join me every week for insightful episodes that dive deep into the cosmic currents:

  • Zodiac Spotlight: Explore the energies of Lunations, Stations, & Ingresses with in-depth analyses & early insights into upcoming celestial events.
  • Chart Chronicles: Navigate through transformative moments with detailed breakdowns of major transits, including New Moons, Full Moons, & planetary alignments.
  • Special Features: From deep dives into the mystical realms of Astrology to quick insights with AI generated shorts, discover how to heal, thrive, & grow in alignment with the stars.

Welcome to TwitchyTuesdays Live, where the magic of Tarot meets real-time insights & interactive sessions! Join me weekly for:

  • Cleaning Out The Broom Closet (COTBC): Each week, we tackle the daily Astrology & get additional messages from the Tarot, providing you with accurate & actionable knowledge.
  • Twitchy Tip of the Week: Don’t miss our weekly segment where I share quick intuitive insightful tips to help you harness the energies of the cosmos effectively.
  • Q&A Sessions: Engage live & get your questions about Astrology, Tarot, & personal growth answered in real-time. Use the chat feature on any platform to interact directly & gain deeper insights!

Playlist Curation

All playlists are found on my Apple Music Profile.

Intention Playlists

New playlist released monthly designed on the vibe & intention of that month.

Enjoying Life

If your Cooking or enjoying Cigars & Dominoes, there is a playlist to fit your enjoying life vibe. 

Major Transits

Gear up for major Astrological shifts with playlists like Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces, & Venus Retrograde in Leo.


Playlists aligned with the vibes of live streaming, reading tarot, & enjoying the energy.

Journey with Me

Uncover the story behind the visionary leading HabitualSages.

Gemini Rising | Leo Sun | Libra Moon

Founder & CEO of HabitualSages

Hello! I'm Miloni Adams, a dedicated Onifa & Omo Awo of IFA, currently journeying through the enriching path of Orunmila's teachings. My spiritual quest has led me to complete my Isefa, the first hand of IFA, & I'm eagerly working towards my initiation into IFA & Shango. This spiritual journey complements my lifelong fascination with the cosmos.

I've been captivated by the mysteries of space for as long as I can remember, & this fascination has evolved into a deep study of Astrology over the past five years. My academic pursuits have been just as diverse: I hold an Associate of Science in Geology & a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, topped with a certificate in Leadership & Ethics from Arizona State University.

In 2018, I embraced another dimension of my journey by completing my 200RYT, delving into the transformative world of Yoga. This experience not only enriched my personal growth but also strengthened my understanding of mind-body connections.

My professional life has been equally fulfilling, with over 15 years of Leadership experience at a Fortune 250 company. This journey in the corporate world has honed my skills in Leadership & Ethics, allowing me to merge practical wisdom with my spiritual & academic knowledge.

I reside in Texas with my amazing husband, Noble Adams, and our three incredible greyhounds - Jemison, Kepler, & Carver. Our home is a haven of love, doing the work, learning, & spiritual growth. 

Combining my passion for Astrology, my spiritual practices in IFA, & my academic & professional background, I aim to inspire & guide others on their paths to Healing, Thriving, & Growing

Can't wait for you to join me on this incredible journey!

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